Mulch drives are a great way for scout troops or any youth organization to raise money for their annual activities. They bring the scouts and the families together to work towards a common goal.

Managing the logistics of processing the orders, getting them organized, and then put into manageable deliveries can be a challenge for any "Mulch Master". was built to help Troops manage this daunting task. It has five main functional areas;

1. Order Entry - Addresses are searchable, geo-coded and standardized.

2. Delivery Block and Driver Assignments - Use an interactive map to view your customers geographically and place their orders into efficient delivery routes.

3. Delivery Order Tracking - On Delivery day, the crews can mark orders as delivered providing the mulch master a progress check through each delivery block. The driver can also get route summary and driving directions from one customer address to the next one as they progress through the block.

4. Delivery Block Tracking - On Delivery day, track the progress of the drive through an interactive map.

5. Address Management - Plot all of your delivery addresses from several different drives for analysis.

6. Reports - Automatically generate delivery slips, customer receipts, and sales opportunities.
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